Divisions on a Ground - S.Eccles/Ph.Spätling/J.Lohmann

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by S.Eccles - Ph.Spätling - J.Lohmann

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    Instrumentation: alto recorder and/or bass recorder



    The eight-bar bass of this ground is by Solomon Eccles (1618-1683) and was printed with his variations on it in the "Division Flute" (1706/08, Walsh).
    Over the original bass now appear 40 Divisions by Philipp Spätling.
    The solo part comes with a playalong by Jens Lohmann, who has interpreted this bass with electronic sounds and drums in a varied way.
    Most of the variations are for alto recorder, some others can also be played very well on a bass recorder.
    Create your own piece of music by choosing your favourites from the 40 variations and combine them into ever new pieces.


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    Division on a Ground - Duo First Take


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