Old Scots Tunes

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by Fr. Barsanti/ Ph. Spätling

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    Francesco Barsanti/Philipp Spätling

    instrumentation: 2 tenor recorders, bass recorder (subbass recorder)

    Francesco Barsanti (1690-1775) left London, that had been his former adopted home to Scotland during eight years.

    There he enjoyed the moral and probably financial support by Charlotte Hope (1720-1788) and dedicated her a collection of „Scots Tunes“, adding a ciffered bass. In the Preface of the first edition (Edinburgh, 1742: Alexander Baillie) she is mentioned as 'The Right Honourable, The Lady Erskine'.

    In the Foreword of the „Collection of old Scots Tunes with the Bass […]' Barsanti indicates explicitly, that he left the old melodies untouched 'to revive the Taste of our Ancestors'.

    In this edition on hand I've added a third part to be played with three recorders (without chord-instrument).

    Barsanti wishes the Tunes to be played 'slowly'. In my opinion this must be qualified. That's why I've indicated specific Tempi sometimes as proposal. The ornamentation is the original from the first edition from 1742. Some slurs and grace notes were added. The bass may be played either on a bass recorder or a subbass recorder. Then it sounds in the 'right' octave (8').

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