Präludien und Inventionen

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by Johann Sebastian Bach

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    Johann Sebastian Bach

    instrumentation: treble recorder solo


    There has been an article under the title: „Fresh view on Bach“ by Jesper Christensen and Michael Schneider in the journal for Wind-Music 'Tibia' (4/2017). In their discussion they highlighted several aspects on the interpretation of the Partita for transverse flute BWV 1013. Schneider asked to clarify first of all if the piece they were talking about was in fact written for solo flute or maybe for flute with a ciffered bass, which had gone lost. Jesper Christensen's answer was the spark that ignited my inspiration to these adaptations on hand. He considered the piece as a work for solo instrument, though he could imagine an earlier version for several instruments. A few stanzas later in the text Christensen gave „instructions“ how to create an adaptation for a single instrument

    by combining all 16th-notes of the upper and the bass part into one melody-line. I've tried it and I was amazed how well it worked! Lovely small preludes and inventions for single treble recorder resulted from it. The performer is invited to try out his own articulations and slurs. A little suggestion for the interpretation:

    Where motives are repeated, often the echo-effect sounds well.

    A preview and sound samples can be found under "files"