Schottische Melodien

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by J. Oswald/ Ph. Spätling

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    James Oswald/ Philipp Spätling

    Besetzung: 2 Tenorblockflöten, Bassblockflöte

    The Tunes in this edition are chosen from the Caledonian Pocket Companion […] for the German Flute. James Oswald (1710-1769) - a Scottish player, composer, arranger and publisher - compiled this compendium of several hundred Scottish melodies. Finally it grew to 12 volumes. To some of the tunes he composed many variations, as well as a few of the proper tunes. Some may have been contributed by him anonymously.


    Out of the 12 volumes I've chosen a dozen tunes that were inspiring me to be set for three parts (2 tenor recorders and bass recorder). The musical style depends on the varying shape of the individual melodies. The Spectrum starts from an archaic folk tone, passes the Galant Style and ends in a „modern“ musical language.


    Alloway House

    My Appie

    Fy gar rub her o'er with Straw

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