Sonata Grave - 7 Solos - A.Banchieri/Ph.Spätling/J.Lohmann

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by Adriano Banchieri, Philipp Spätling, Jens Lohmann

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    Instrumentation: alto recorder in F or G or bass recorder, keyboard instrument or playalong.

    Philipp Spätling has written seven solos for the accompaniment/bass of the Sonata Grave by Adriano Banchieri. They are stylistically oriented to Banchieri's time (late Renaissance and emerging early Baroque), times in which soloistic and virtuoso playing of the instruments increasingly came to the fore. Thus the free motivic treatment will perhaps remind one or the other player of composers like Castello, Fontana or Uccellini.

    Jens Lohmann has made a "modern" playalong (mp3) especially for this extensive edition.

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