Sonate III - André Chéron

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by André Chéron

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    instrumentation: dessus (descant recorder, tenor recorder, violin, hoboe, flute),

    bass (tenor recorder, great bass recorder, cello, bass viol)


    This three-movement sonata comes from the Sonates en Duo et en Trio collection (Paris, 1729), conceived for transverse flute, violin and continuo.

    Originally in E minor, it is now transposed to D minor and therefore pleasant to play on recorders in C (soprano and tenor or tenor and great bass).

    The composer André Chéron (1695-1766) had two famous role models: Arcangelo Corelli and François Couperin. Their art of music writing can be found in Chéron's works, which are written in the "Goût réuni", the "mixed taste" (i. e. the union of Italian and French style).

    The second voice was added in addition to the bass clef, in order to be able to play it on the cello or the bass viol. The work ends with a great, wonderful chaconne.


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